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Originally Posted by ken0042 View Post
My previous usage figures:

Personally I would do one of the following; in order of my preference. Also assuming that by "12v Fridge fan" you mean the fridge is running on propane as the main power source, and the 12v is only for the fan:
1- Go to Costco and get the single Coleman 70-80 watt kit for ~$180 [Edit- new one is 100 watts for $200 ]
2a- Get a single 40 watt kit and see how it goes.
2b- just get the 120 watt kit and be done with it.

As mentioned, I used the 40 watt system for a 5 day camping trip and probably had a few more days before getting low on power; with absolutely no power rationing. Since upgrading to the 70 watt kit I just set it and forget it. I don't even think about it. That includes worrying about charging the battery between trips.

The only reason I would think about the 120 watt system is for even more setting and forgetting. You could even mount it flat on your trailer and capture enough power. However I'm not seeing deals on those like I used to.

Regarding mice- Dylan; did you end up at the same place as me? The previous winter I found Irish Spring was successful. However this winter I didn't have a chance to set them out and had a very polite mouse stay in my trailer. (Didn't wreck anything, just had a bed in one of my chairs.)
I think the 100 watt may be 180 in store but I could be mistaken
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