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Originally Posted by Hanni View Post
I wasn't sure where to put this but this seemed as good a place as any, this got me thinking.

I looked it up and Fleury, Gibson and Holtby have all played every game, only Hotlby has higher EN and DU ratings than Dubnyk (my goalie). My backup has played 12 games this year because I didn't want to lose Dubnyk to fatigue but now I'm thinking this was foolish, at what CON rating does a player go down for fatigue? Maybe I'm better off playing a 98 CON Dubnyk over a 100 CON Mike Smith.
afaik you can't "lose" a goalie over fatigue like you do with skaters (they have to be 95 or over) ... I don't think they actually drop below 95, but I might be wrong. Generally I play my backup when the starter is below 98 or so, but I'm not sure there's actual guidelines on how to get the best out of your tandem based on CON.
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