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Default The Expanse

New show on ScyFy/Space that they are hoping will replicate the success and acclaim of BSG. Based on a series of award winning novels. the show is set some two hundred odd years in the future where parts of the solar system have been colonized and there is starting to be a lot of conflict between Earth and the colonies.

Saw the first four episodes so far, I cannot believe how much better the show got with every episode. First episode was a little slow, but it ramped up like crazy after that. It's dark, gritty and sets up for a lot of interesting conflict. Watch the show!

Based on the best-selling books by Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck, The Expanse features three central characters tied together by a missing fourth: a young woman who may be the key to ending the interplanetary conflict brewing between human factions on Earth, Mars, and across the asteroid belt.

Thomas Jane plays a hard-drinking, easily corrupted detective on the dwarf planet of Ceres while Steven Strait is cast as an officer stationed on an ice freighter in the belt. The trio is rounded out by Academy Award-nominee Shohreh Aghdashloo as a high-ranking UN politician tasked with bringing peace to a scattered species. What lies ahead of them is an unveiling of the greatest conspiracy in human history.
For anyone who missed it on their PVRs, all the episodes so far are going to re-air on the 29th, otherwise you may be able to stream them online from the sci-fi channels/space IIRC.

Very cool interactive guide/introduction to the universe of the show

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