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Sponsorships - Some of the older GMs don't use this but it's a great way to get cash for next year, use this. Only at the beginning of the year

PMs - Respond to them and within the 24 hours as per the league rules.

Away - If you're going on holidays or have some family thing notify the league and get help with your lines.

MJK - He's a prick, don't trust him.

Youth movement - Before I go on this rant I will say i'm also guilty of it but not always. Don't take over a team and decide to tear it down and re-build. You will notice there are about 10 teams that are loaded with top young players, then theres the mid-tier and then the bad teams with some good pieces. So to pry away those young pieces from those 10 teams will not be easy so If you have a good team then go for it and add vets (waaay cheaper then young players) and make a run at it.

Planning for years down the road - Why? You might not be even in the league in couple of years so take your best shot at a championship (I have now I'm trying something else).

Have fun - Don't be hesitant to make a move, ask other GMs for an opinion if need be but don't treat it like life and death. If you make a bad move you can still recover from it.

Cheese - He'll offer you players older then him for your good players.
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