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Default Newbie 101 - How do I play this game?

Newbie 101

GMs can add in their pedantic scraps as they see fit. I thought Id create a thread to help the newbies along when they join the league….stuff we have forgotten and take for granted now that we are all superstar GMs.

None of this is in any particular order…so don’t shoot the messenger and don’t be a grammar Nazi either.

The CalgaryPuck Hockey League Message Board is where we keep league details up to date. Read it daily if possible and especially the threads stuck at the top. Feel free to post your thoughts on how you will be great GM and what you will bring to your team and the league. Sit back while we LOL at you.

Create a CPHL Folder on your computer. Work and home would be best, but certainly on the device you plan to play the most with.

Download the GM Editor. Select the “CPHL HOME” button at top of Message Board. This takes you to the leagues website. Select “ROSTERS” . Select “Download GM EDITOR”. Select “Download” from website. Select most recent GM Client…today it is Version 2.2.2. Download this to your CPHL Folder. The exe file you will have once it is unzipped is called STHSClient-V2. (Here is a link direct to site.

Download the most recent Roster Files. Usually this is on the CPHL Rosters Page as well, linked under “Download Roster Files”, however due to technical incompetence or broken links it is now linked on the message board at the top under the title “Link for Updated Roster File”. Use that until told otherwise. Download link to your CPHL Folder. (This file should be deleted before you D/L the file for any game). It creates errors at times when the folder is not clean before starting. Your choice though. The file name that you will D/L is called during the regular season, and if you are lucky enough to make the playoffs will have a suffix added to that file during silly season. Preseason games also have a separate suffix.

Talk to other GMs about the Simulator. Get help to start. Give yourself 30 minutes the first few times you use it. It gets faster as you get used to it. Lines/Rosters can be done in 5 minutes once you have it down Pat. (No not you Faith)

We use Kakao Talk for League Chats. We have decided that Kakao Talk will be the chat tool of choice moving forward. This is an App that is connected to your smart phone...unless you are like Caged Great and living in the 70s. Once you have the App you can also download it to your laptop so you can ALWAYS be connected to the league!

The Leagues GMs are listed here:

Chat as often as possible. If your business allows you to use it, leave it on during the day. You will get the best deals on the Chat and you will meet and learn a great deal about the league’s best and sexiest GMs while on these modules. If you cant chat use CPs PM to get in touch with GMs. This method can take awhile to get deals done but is certainly second best to Chat. Email is a PITA. It does not work well to make trades…only use this if you are on a beach in Argentina.

Discuss trades. Talk Trades. Yell at people, but be nice about it. Smile. Yell again. Smoke a cigar. Have a drink. Make the deal. Mix and do over again. This is the lifeblood of the league. Team Rosters are here:

When you make a trade it is completed on your Team Roster Page. See “Actions” “Propose a Trade” at the top of your Roster. Select, fill in password, follow generic instructions.
One of the participating teams makes a trade proposal to another team via the "Propose a Trade" link on your roster page.
The other team will then find a link appear on their roster page that allows the GM to view their "trade offer". The link will say "You have been offered "x" trades. View Trades. They will also get an email notifying them of the trade.

From View Trades you can select the proposal for viewing.

After you view the trade(s) you have the option to either accept or reject what was offered.

If you accept the trade then league is notified and the CPHL either approves or rejects the deal.

A GM can also use the "Email Trade Offer" Link found on their teams page for a general email to start negotiations with another team.

READ the RULES. This could or should be item #1.

Read the rules again…..ask other GMs WTF the rules mean and how they work. Don’t get bitten by the Watchdog….she is a bitch. (Watchdog is on leash during off season)

IF you have a retired/injured player they can NOT play in the sim.

You will HATE the Simulator. Don’t complain to Jiri Hrdina about it….he hates it more than you.

Make sure you get used to everything on your Roster Page. It has links for most everything you need to know about your team…and others. Ask other GMs if you have any questions. It is likely they won’t know what you are talking about.

League Transactions, Stats, and everything else you need for the league and your team are on the CPHL Website. Select CPHL Home to get there.

The league has email addresses for various GM Needs. Please memorize these: - email for anything related to rules or discussion or any complaints you might have. Not for player movement.
- email for all player movement.
- email for all UFA or RFA player requests or movement.
- email for submitting all line files generated by the GM Editor only.

Position Changes. There is a link on your Roster Page for this. You must provide another link to a website that shows proof positive that that player plays the position you wish to change him to. Make sure it is an actual NHL article not fantasy league stuff or Jiri Hrdina gets grumpy.

Simulator Snapshots:

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