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Originally Posted by Russic View Post
Terribly sorry for your situation ... that really sucks. This is a tricky situation. If I were in your position I would talk to the vet and find out how much pain your dog is in. If it's an unreasonable amount of suffering then you can entertain the idea. If it's a matter of being uncomfortable but not in pain, I'm not sure I would go down the euthanasia path. His pills will get pricey but these things happen unfortunately and it sounds like he's already a pretty important member of the family!

The decision sucks, and it's a bit of a lose-lose situation.
I agree with this, I know that your family is attached but if the dog is in pain it is only fair that you at least consider ending its suffering. We went through a similar situation when I was younger and if you get another dog soonish it will help ease the pain.
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