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Originally Posted by troutman View Post
No. What is different about it?
Donair Sauce vs. Sweet and Tzatziki Sauces, and the meats is spiced infinitely better. Other than that, not much.

Most places in Calgary use Tzarziki. Over the ten years I've lived here though, most places are now offering "Sweet Sauce", which is really similar to Donair sauce, but nowhere near as thick.

This place in Cochrane is faboulous for donairs. A real hidden gem. They also have a lot of extras you can add that are pretty exclusive to that shop. I found this place about 2 years ago (fellow Maritimer told me about it), and I've been driving out at least once a month ever since. Every Maritimer I cross paths with I tell them about this place, and i've never heard one tell me it was overrated yet. Most of them go back frequently as well.
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