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Originally Posted by rubecube View Post
Man, The Bucks have always been so much better as heels. Glad they finally pulled the trigger on it. The whole Elite really, except maybe Hangman, are natural heels.

Also this Anthony Ogogo dude has superstar written all over him. Crushed his debut promo last week and just oozes tough guy charisma in the ring. I'm guessing he's probably still pretty green, but I think AEW has something here.
Hangman is probably the one that can be both, bucks are such better heels, Kenny outside golden lovers has always been a better heel

Looked ogogo up after last week, completely agree on him, hes only been doing it for 2 years so super green, won a medal in boxing in London. He only retired from boxing cause of an eye issue, he doesnt have full vision.

Hes been on a bunch of uk reality shows, which makes sense after you see him a bit, hes got a ton of personality. Also seems like the perfect guy to build up for when they eventually do a show in the UK
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