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Only way to fix the entire roster is to get rid of the brand split.

Have certain people appear more frequently on each show if you want but I still think if they just went to a single Women's Champion that would be a better move.

To d_phaneuf's point you really only have 8 real believable women's stars, max 12 if you count Alexa, Shayna, Toni, and Io.

Trying to split that between 2 shows (3 if you count NXT) means you only have 4-6 people rotating through the title picture at a time. Makes things feel stale.

However if you get rid of the brand split between Raw and Smackdown, and you could put Sasha, Bayley, Charlotte, Becky, Ronda, Asuka, Ripley, and Bel Air on the same show, the storyline and matchup potential suddenly looks great

Get rid of the brand split, consolidate the womens & tag team titles, maybe get rid of the US Title, and you have a much better product.

WWE Universal Title
WWE World Title
WWE IC Title
WWE Tag Team Title
WWE Womens World Title
WWE Womens Tag Team Title

Too many belts right now, and this is what i'd go with.

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