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Originally Posted by neo45 View Post
The “did Kulak a favor” narrative is total BS. There was a spot for him, he was sent away because he didn’t play ball and took the team to arbitration. If there was no room for him they wouldn’t have traded for Fantenberg later, or qualified Kulak in the first place. The relationship soured over about 100k for what is looking like a home grown top 4 defenseman (seriously, he performed as a top 4 when given the opportunity in Montreal).

He was actually lower on the depth chart to start the year in Mtl (in the minors) than he would have been in Calgary.
The trade for Fantenburg was a depth move ahead of a playoff run. And with Stone and Valimaki both out, it made sense.

At the time of the Kulak trade, both of those guys were healthy, and with the three kids coming, he had a legitimate chance to be pushed right out of the line-up.

Bluntly, he was never going to be a top 4 in Calgary.
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