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I'm curious, why do you have Valimaki ahead of Hanifin? I'm not trying to crack on you, I just think Hanifin is underrated around here.

Hanifin isn't yet 23. He has four seasons under his belt and had a really good year on our 2nd pair. Nearly 21 minutes a night, went from -20 to +18. Giveaways were an issue, but it was his first year in this type of role. Only five of his 33 points came on the powerplay, so he was an Excellent 5v5 producer. If anything, they need to do more to get Hanifin involved in the power play this coming season.

To my view, Hanifin's skating is also light years better than Valimaki. But skating isn't everything, just ask Kylington.
Iím also not cracking on you. And in the spirit of transparent disclosure I was very down on Hanifin after the playoffs. I really felt like he struggled more than any other flames d man in the playoffs. Maybe stats disagree with me? Idk... it sure seemed like he was getting exposed nightly.

So, here it is. I know heís young, but he is being paid according to his games experience. I donít think that itís right to continue to reference their age on one hand as justification for mistakes and inexperienced play when the guy is paid as a competent middle pairing d man. And I do think thereís still upside but still.

I think when Valimaki gets 300 games played under his belt he will be a top pairing guy. Heís just so much better under pressure than Hanifin. Just my two bits.
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