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Default 2019/2020 Trade Speculation and Rumors

Originally Posted by Reggie Dunlop View Post
More and more, teams are looking to fill secondary and depth spots with older Europeans and kids on Entry level contracts.

The middle class is being squeezed out by the escalation of top-end salaries.

Except the top end salaries aren’t actually escalating when you track it back to the beginning of the cap-era.

Jarome Iginla was paid $7M per on a $39M cap (2005/2006), 17.95% of the cap.

Sidney Crosby was paid $8.7M on a $56.7M cap (2008/2009), 15.35% of the cap.

Connor McDavid was our $12.5M on a $79.5M cap (2018/2019), 15.72% of the cap.

“Overpay” for top end talent all day. What you can’t bloody afford to do is overpay for mid to low-tier talent.

What is shifting is that players are being paid properly when they’re younger, and those who invest in older “post-apex” players are getting burned.

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