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This off season is going to be interesting for young rfas. Imo a lot of rfas are getting huge numbers projected for their next contract and not enough stock is being put into scoring being the highest it's been since the 90s

I love tkachuk and he deserves a contract in the 7s for sure but 9 or 10 is way off. Even on 8 year deal 9 is the max he should get

If you look at 2016/17 scoring leaders only McDavid had a 90 point season. Sid was 2nd with 89 points. 2018/19 14 players got 90 points. If you did a comparison of where tkachuk finished in scoring and compare to the leaders 2 years ago he would have equaled ehlers poi t total of 64 for 31st in scoring. If he put up 64 this year I doubt we would be on board for 10 mil even with an elavated cap.

6 years 7.25 mil for a young winger makes sense and considering ehlers signed that off season similar age similar points for 6 mil 7.25 seems about right

Some teams are going to kill their cap if they sign some of these rumored deal. If Matt want 9 or more then we need to trade him
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