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From my testimonial for Travis:
Originally Posted by ken0042 View Post
What about using a discount realtor you ask? Well there is a house with an identical floor plan to mine that went on the market 2 days before mine; at the same price. It's still sitting on the market.
That house sat on the market for 3 or 4 months, and eventually sold for $35K less than mine sold for. And the house was in a better part of the community from mine. (Further from Stoney, less traffic noise.) Not only was there a far superior market plan, but also with an experienced realtor there was a number of minor things that Travis had me do. You don't get that with a discount brokerage; or even with some less skilled realtors.

Short version, I spent $16K selling my home with Travis, and got $35K more than the discount brokerage. And not only did we have it done in 3 or 4 days, but had we not, I would have been super stressed. I had already put a deposit down on the new house. So simple math plus no stress makes this an easy question for me.

I also see a lot of houses on the market from walking my dog everywhere. I see a pattern where the discount places tend to stay on the market longer. Part of that is marketing, and part is that you don't have a partner telling you what to do. Those Realtor commercials are over the top corny, but they have a ring of truth to them.
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