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I think the Festa kits come out to about $.80/bottle. If you use coupons to get it on sale you can probably get it down to $.60/bottle.

Great hobby, IMO. Some many different things to try if you're a beer fan.

Also, the people that make assumptions that homebrew is terrible because they tried their buddies and it wasn't that great are just as annoying as those people that annoy everyone about how great their homebrew is.

I have a friend that has been making it for years and his beer is very good. A bit like Rickards Red, but not as bitter. He says his cost is down to about $.20/bottle. Exceptional taste for an exceptional price.

He does tend to have some not as great batches.

I paid $130 for a starter kit and one batch of Festa stuff from Brewers Direct. Then I had to buy 50 bottles to put it in. The Grolsh bottles that you can recap work okay, but it is probably cheaper in the long run to just take 50 beer bottles, clean and sanitize them, and then buy a bottle capper for $20, and 1000 caps for $20.

In the end I probably paid $200 bucks to make 50 bottles. Next time will only cost me $20 if I buy a kit, or $50 if I use the Festa Brew again. Still haven't decided.

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