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Heard a story from a friend that would fit here. I guess an antivaxxer (~60 year old woman) he works with had COVID last week and was back at work this week. But yesterday she was acting super weird (confused, didn't know where she was, couldn't remember her kids' names, etc.) and then began showing signs of a stroke, so they called an ambulance for her. Then they called her husband and he started screaming at them on the phone that under no circumstances was she to go to the hospital and started ranting about the government. He also said that he had given her some kind of "medicine" last week for COVID that she had already had a severe reaction to (who knows what that was).

Eventually the woman's boss got on the phone and told the husband that the ambulance was taking her to the hospital and he could take it up with the doctors there. Haven't heard any updates, but it's amazing how far into delusion people will sink themselves. When they're faced with the potential death of a loved one, they'll still side with conspiracy theories.
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