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I could see why CSEC would want to not have to pay back the city's loan. Calgary gets benefits from the arena (Olympics especially), so they should contribute in the funding for it without CSEC having to contribute even more than they have. Technically, all the costs would be on CSEC.

But the city is not going to be just putting money towards the arena. They'll also need to chip in for the more than likely renovation of McMahon Stadium, which CSEC will seek next. And best believe CSEC does not want to invest all that much money into that since they're going to do that for the arena already. And then there's also the fieldhouse that needs to get funded and built sooner, rather than later.

If the city chips in ~200M for the arena, 50% for McMahon renovation (which based on city's CalgaryNEXT response report to be in the range of 80-100M) +200M for the fieldhouse. So the city may have to drop down $450M in major recreation/entertainment venues in the next few years. That's a lot of coin to put down. So I can see why the city wants to get $200M back over time.

So if it's as simple as that, then it's just a matter of how the city can get it's money back for the arena contribution, unless an alternative can be presented that pleases both the city and CSEC.

It'll be nice to finally start seeing some actual numbers. Means we're getting closer to having the dots and lines inked, and construction can finally begin.
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