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Originally Posted by Lord Carnage View Post
Sorry - just looking for clarification on where we are now (things change so quickly)

You said it was 1/3 owners, 1/3 fans, and 1/3 City (debating who floats the financing of the fan's percentage)...

I thought it was 1/3 owners, 1/3 fans, 1/3 City, but the debate was the City wanted to be repaid their 1/3... the fan component was what the ticket tax was repaying, no?

Like I said, maybe I missed something.
No, you got it.

The thing is: The Owners get their share paid back through profits.

The fans pay for access but they've also paid through taxes.

The City pays through citizen's taxes.

The issue is that the City wants that money back through profits just like CSEC gets.

I know? Crazy right? Who pays back loans? Chumps and the weak.
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