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Originally Posted by bossy22 View Post
I submitted my receipts a few days before the ending of the deadline and got my cheque in the mail last week.
Did you get a rebate approval email after the submission approval? I feel like they didn't send the rebate approval emails this time.

Originally Posted by Aegypticus View Post
I submitted on November 21st. Havenít received anything yet. Been checking my email, spam, and actual mailbox every day. Now youíve got me thinking that maybe I should be calling them.

I gave them a call back in early December and they seemed a little annoyed that I called so soon after my application, so I resigned myself to waiting. Would you be able tell me what number you called to get that info?
It was some phone number at the bottom of the website. I ended up with the wrong department anyways and they just transferred me without too much hassle.
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