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First off thanks for reminding me about the rebate program, I had forgotten about that. I bought an Ecobee Lite a couple of weeks ago. It was really easy to install. My other thermostat didn't use a common wire either but there were 2 extra unused wires in the wall so I just connected one of them to the furnace control and then hooked it up to the thermostat. There is nothing in the instructions about controlling a humidifier so I don't know if it would control that, they have a phone number to assist with install but I didn't need to call it.

So far very happy with it. I turn down the furnace whenever noone is home and at night. You can set a schedule but so far I've been using the phone app.

I didn't even consider the Nest, a friend of mine who is in heating and air conditioning told me he's had lots of service calls with Nests going wonky, they might have fixed the problems with newer generation products though. Also, Google knows too much about everybody at this point, depriving them of more information is a good thing IMO.
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