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Default Smart Thermostat and Alberta Rebate Program

I've been considering getting a smart thermostat for a while, but never really got excited enough about them to make a purchase. I see now that the rebate program run by the Alberta government literally gives us until tomorrow (Nov. 7th) to get $75 back, so I figured now was as good a time as any to ask about them.

Do people think smart thermostats are worth the money? I've been a little unsure, and I've mostly been looking at one because I'm a bit of a tech-obsessive.

I think I'd be looking at one of the Nest Learning Thermostats, which is probably the most expensive one out there, but The Wirecutter seems to think that Nest is best, especially if you're already into the Google Home stuff. I don't think I could go with the Nest E because it doesn't seem like it can control a humidifier.

From a technical standpoint, it seems like installation of these things is a little more complicated than I originally thought. I'm pretty sure I can muddle through a DIY job, but it isn't the plug-and-play solution I was hoping for. I don't think my system currently has a common wire connected, but I did check behind my current thermostat and there seems to be extra wire strands in the wall. Also, because my humidifier is actuated by a solenoid, I'd have to add a relay to get the Nest to control it.

Has anyone gone through a setup with these types of complications? I like to think I'm pretty handy, but I'm also wary of the potential to brick parts of my HVAC system.

Thanks for any thoughts. I might grab a Nest regardless and do a little more research. Can always take it back if I decide against it, but gotta get that receipt dated Nov. 7th.
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