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Originally Posted by GGG View Post
But how about this situation. Two people have jobs. One of them gets married. Why should one now get to split his income.

We already have the spousal amount and the equivalent to spouse amount to rebate non-working dependants.

From a more tax should be uniform in all circumstances perspective income splitting makes no sense. It rewards marriages. When the couple gets divorced the higher income paying support no longer gets the tax deduction and the person receiving support doesn’t pay tax on it. So again that is consistent with no income splitting.

So income splitting introduces a perversion to how individuals are treated on earned income.
Why should the taxes change when married? Because the household went from one to two people.

Regarding divorce: one of them pays tax. Either the person paying support pays with after tax dollars, or the recipient has to claim as income (depending on the ruling). But the income is taxed for one of them.

And we're getting into very specific examples in order to find injustice here (which to me suggests it is working).

Anyway, I have stated my views on this topic and will leave it there.
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