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Originally Posted by The Cobra View Post
It's clear that the Hawks soured on Joker after watching him play.

Whether they are ultimately right or not, they certainly didn't view him as a 1-2 d-man in the making.

I think you'll see Nylander playing with Strome and Debrincat, since he can play his off wing. Bowman stressed that Nylander can do that, I think for a reason.

Like with most trades, time will tell.

Chicago showed you can pick up d-men relatively easy these days, it's top 6 forwards which seem to be in shorter supply. Calgary still needs one.
Yeah but it was opposite last offseason and D will likely become a more valuable commodity again next year. These things are cyclical, so I am not sure how much weight we should put into it... probably more useful to try and stick with player comparables than to try and measure value based on league "availability".
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