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Originally Posted by Locke View Post
The Germans are always in the mix to go deep in tournaments, but this has to be one of, if not the, deepest and most talented team I've seen in ages.
Really? Their last team was better in my opinion. They have more attacking options but no Lahm and Sweinsteiger. Those two were integral in creating the German machine. I don’t think Draxler is that great, I feel Goretzka is very good but also very inexperienced and looked out of his depth when Germany played Brazil in their last friendly. Khedira was also still prime Khedira in the last World Cup and is no where near the same player. People forget how amazing Khedira was, especially in the World Cup. He was flat out amazing. Maybe he will turn back the clock?

Sane is very young but is extremely talanted but I’ve seen him have tunnel vision with the ball at his feet. Reus is great but has never been on this stage before and everyone knows about his injury issues. Defense is very good but by no means in-penatrable. They have Fullbacks that I will admit I have not seen play very much. Kimmich has show to be great going forward but will he have the same effect as Lahm? I see a lot of question marks. Ozil can also be ELITE on his day but everyone knows that he can also produce stinkers. I’m not a big fan of GŁndoğan and found him wasteful throughout the season with man city. I have not seen much of Timo Werner but have heard great things and seen some great highlights. Again, very young and this tournament is on a stage he’s never played on before. They are still one of the favourites and very deep but I can’t say it’s the deepest team I’ve seen. There have been some incredible teams in recent history. ‘98 France, ‘02 Brazil, ‘10 Spain and ‘14 Germany were all immense rosters with battle tested players. Not to mention some other incredible rosters that did not win the tournament.

I honestly think Brazil and Spain are just as deep this year. Both have different strengths but lineups full of world class players. I still think Spain’s midfield is unparalleled by any team and they have much more youth on their team then last tournament.Belgium as well has a very strong team but a bit below those 3. I think this is one of the most open world cups in recent history

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