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Originally Posted by nfotiu View Post
Nothing is better than Blu ray is about the only absolute statement to make. 720p24 is really not hd or sd, but is a somewhat popular streaming resolution, and can be better/worse or just different than dvd
720p is still considered HD for any kind of classification, but you are right the actual quality depends on other things that just the resolution.

Originally Posted by nfotiu View Post
Vudu HDX is streaming now, or some combination of streaming/buffering/dowloading.
The streaming is still lower quality than the downloaded so I went with the highest quality for the comparison.

Originally Posted by nfotiu View Post
There is some point of dimishing returns on the bitrate, and the compression codecs are improving all the time. 10mbs if done right and allows for bursts should start to be pretty good for video in most cases.

The PQ is not what's limiting streaming adoption, so much as the studios insistent on the 5-7$/24 hour rentals, which are pretty outrageous compared to what you can do netflixing/redboxing blu rays.
There are diminishing returns for bitrate, but the point where you start seeing them is actually at the blu-ray level (an uncompressed HD signal is actually 3Gbit or something).

And I agree, codecs do improve, and 10Mbps video is probably good for a lot of people. But not everyone, and I think it's important to understand the quality difference.. that's part of the reason they can charge so much is people see "This streams at 1080p" and automatically think it's blu-ray quality.
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