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Originally Posted by MickMcGeough View Post
I also never said the stream comes from the retail physical copy... I think I'm being pretty clear about my point: physical media is better quality than streaming. Every time. A DVD is higher quality than a SD stream, and a Blu-Ray is higher quality than an HD stream.

I've heard that Vudu HDX titles have excellent video/audio quality but I thought you had to preload the movie first so I didn't consider it a streaming service. I just googled it and it looks like my info was out of date. From what I've heard it's very close to Blu-Ray video quality, albeit without the HD audio (though DD 5.1 is good enough for a stream). Too bad Vudu doesn't exist outside the states, I'd be all over that.
There is nothing technologically preventing a company from offering better than dvd sd, probably safe to say most sd streaming is worse than dvd, there are probably cases out there that this isn't the case.

HDX has DD Plus, while not lossless, it was one of the new hd standards that came with HD DVD.
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