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Originally Posted by nfotiu View Post
That's a little nonsensical though, as streams are rarely going to use a physical media as source.

Vudu hdx, and the xbox 1080p both are getting pretty close to blu ray. I get Verizon VOD via ip over fiber that could be considered streaming, that isn't significantly worse than blu ray.
I also never said the stream comes from the retail physical copy... I think I'm being pretty clear about my point: physical media is better quality than streaming. Every time. A DVD is higher quality than a SD stream, and a Blu-Ray is higher quality than an HD stream.

I've heard that Vudu HDX titles have excellent video/audio quality but I thought you had to preload the movie first so I didn't consider it a streaming service. I just googled it and it looks like my info was out of date. From what I've heard it's very close to Blu-Ray video quality, albeit without the HD audio (though DD 5.1 is good enough for a stream). Too bad Vudu doesn't exist outside the states, I'd be all over that.

What service is the XBox 1080p? Is that the Zune service?

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