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Originally Posted by nfotiu View Post
That's a little nonsensical though, as streams are rarely going to use a physical media as source.
I don't understand what you mean here.

I think the point was that physical media will always (or at least for the next while) be better quality than streaming, when comparing apples to apples (high def to high def).

Eventually bandwidth will catch up to be able to stream HD quality stuff, but by that time there'll be 4 times HD stuff in 3D which will require 10 times the connection speed... eventually TV resolution will exceed visual acuity and they'll stop upping the resolution, and bandwidth will catch up, but that's a long way off.

Originally Posted by nfotiu View Post
Vudu hdx, and the xbox 1080p both are getting pretty close to blu ray. I get Verizon VOD via ip over fiber that could be considered streaming, that isn't significantly worse than blu ray.
VUDU HDX is getting much closer, 9Mbps average and 20Mbps bursts, but they're not really streaming, you have to download first which takes a few hours.

Xbox 360's streaming is far lower than that, closer to netflix than VUDU HDX.

Bluray is 40Mbps max, though most movies use somewhat less.. once we get into the 20Mbps average range then we can start saying that streaming is approaching bluray quality.
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