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Originally Posted by Derek Sutton View Post
You pretty much have to pretty much buy thick sliced. The Harvest 1kg is the best out there however it is very expensive. A great alternative is the Mitchells 1kg thick sliced which you can often buy on sale for $9.99 at Walmart or Superstore. In fact Wal Mart has it on sale again starting tomorrow, in my region anyways. Will stock up.

As for the mold, just too long in the fridge, I mean realistically it will only stay fresh for so long. Anything left in the fridge for too long will develop mold, even lemons and limes which are natural preservative do to humidity. You can cryovac for longer fridge life, however freezing it will not hurt either. The benefit of dry curing is that there is little moisture loss when thawing, not like the store bought "pumped" bacon which loses so much moisture when thawed and effects the taste.
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