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Originally Posted by Imranm View Post
This letter in nonsense.

As part of the industry's push to CRM2 (client relationship model), fees, performance, etc are all mandated to be on statements.

PLUS - if you really do feel like you need to send that kind of letter to your advisor - you should probably be looking for another one.
Of course the new requirements are for all of this information to be on the statements, but there are still some portions which aren't disclosed. For many mutual funds the value paid to the dealer is there, but the remainder of the MER (which is almost surely the more significant figure) is not.

I kind of agree that you should be able to call your advisor and chat about these things, and really they should be disclosing everything anyway. That said, there are many clients who have no idea about what they're paying for advice. So while it's one thing to say "these are all disclosed now" people should feel comfortable asking the questions and having the costs explained to them in full.
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