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Moderation in all things...
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Default 1. Obey the Moderators.

All communication with moderators is expected to be civil and polite. Moderators volunteer their time; insults or other abuse will not be tolerated.

If the Moderator PMs you or posts in a thread looking asking for something, it's a good idea to pay attention. They're trying to keep the peace, not pursue a personal vendetta against you.

Don't make threads or off topic posts about Moderation issues. If you have a problem or question about a moderator's actions, contact the Moderator account to discuss things.

If you get a temporary suspension and create an account to get around it, you WILL be perma-banned. If you wish to argue/defend your case, email At least one moderator will read it, and if there's a compelling case, it will be brought to the attention the rest of the moderators.
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