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Originally Posted by EldrickOnIce View Post
If you bike at all, it can cut down on the amount of time it takes to get to 50km.
However, you need to stay under 10.5km/hr and 5he game needs to be open. We have a mount on our bikes to hold phones and can get 10km in about 75 minutes riding around the neighborhood.
I run a speedometer overlay on screen to go up to but not over the limit.

Some people claim tumbling it in the dryer (not heat), wrapped in a blanket, can get you 5km an hour or so, but have not tried and don't necessarily recommend.

50k dust and 15 rare candy is definitely worth getting though. Good luck!

Step 1 - put phone in unworn sock
Step 2 - bounce phone in sock
Step 3 - profit!
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