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Originally Posted by Amethyst View Post
I don't dive, but I've been to Barbados three times and really enjoyed it. I stay in the St. Lawrence Gap area. In general, the south coast is more of the fun, party area of the island and the west coast is where the rich have their estates. The island is small though, so it's easy to explore.

If you want something non-dive related to check out, I recommend Harrison's cave. I also went hiking on the east coast the first time I went with this professor who did hiking tours, but I don't remember the name or anything. It was a great tour though.
Thanks, good advice. I booked a hotel on Dover Beach, which is on the south side and looks to be in that area. I'm mostly going for the diving, but will definitely be doing other things as well so I will have a look at the cave. Also want to go on a rum tour or two.
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