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Originally Posted by Bindair Dundat View Post
And so the timeless quest for the pharmaceutical enhanced "super-soldier" continues (this began in the 1930's with crystal meth/Pervitan).
It's been an ongoing pursuit ever since.
It saddens me to read the posts above.
You can't deprive a human being of a regular sleep schedule without facing the consequences (in psychological effect) on said human being.
This was thoroughly proven in the 1950's (USAF studies on aircrew) and the question has to be?
Why keep trying this approach?
If we keep tinkering with these stimulants (and using our soldiers as guinea pigs) we're eventually going to find the "miracle pill"?
This makes me sad...we are better than this crap.
We already make/field some of the best soldiers in the world.

That is all.

These weren't stimulants though, these were badly developed and tested anti-malaria pills that ruined lives.

The government is going to face the music on that one.
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