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I suppose if the "wax" is high pressure its not much diff from using the rinse option, but lets not kid ourselves, this isn't a real wax or sealant, nor should it be expected to be as such. If there was any sort of "miracle" sealant that sprayed on like that, it would be commonplace.

Sure there are spray on SiO2 (Silica dioxide) sealants that are common in the detailing industry, but they are expensive and definitely would not be pumped out at that volume or that price, so really, you're probably just getting high pressure water with something akin to RainX diluted to the Nth degree. So definitely doesn't replace properly wax/sealing your vehicle.
Well yeah, it's not the same as a karate kid wax job, but it's got something in it that makes the water bead off. Point is, some people think that they have to use straight up water (and spend an extra 2 minutes) washing off the soap, before they switch to high pressure wax. I'm saying that's just a waste of time and money, as well as my time, waiting behind you in line.

Also, the foam brush is a scam. HP soap x2, then rinse with HP wax. That's how a DIY car wash should go. It's like 7 minutes for a road salty/silty/dirty full sized truck.
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