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Originally Posted by Ashasx View Post
Who is committing money and term to these guys?

Paul Byron just re-signed for a little over $1M. Jooris would likely cost less than a million for a one-year contract.

This is a team that just handed a grinder who gets pummeled in terms of possession a three-year $2.3 million AAV contract. Both Byron and Jooris are better than Bouma.

At the same time, they'll cost half that. That's exactly why I want them. Commit money and term to the likes of Gaudreau and Bennett, not bottom 6ers.

Byron has a manageable cap hit but got 3 years term and is 27 years old. I would rather not sign guys of that age to long term deals to be 4th line players. I like Byron and am happy for him but do not miss him at all.

Jooris is a bottom liner as well not going to regret moving him at all. If he signs for another 1 year deal I won't be mad but if we trade him for a 4th I will not be mad either.

Also not a fan of the Bouma contract and think he is a perfect example of giving money and term to a below average winger.

For me the problem with the flames going into the summer is the horrible money tied up in garbage players. Raymond, Bollig, Stajan, Wideman, Smid, Engellend, Bouma are chewing up big dollars where the team needs to add a top 4 D, 1-2 top 6 forwards, a starting goalie, and pay their star RFA's all with $24M
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