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Originally Posted by nfotiu View Post
I actually really liked the pacing. BB started slowly too, and the slow build ups and focus on developing characters and stories was what made it great. There was probably some pressure as a spin off to try to rush things to get that first big audience to keep coming back. It gives me hope they are putting some effort into making it a quality show that can stand on its own.
I dunno if I would say that Breaking Bad started off slowly. That first episode was crazy! First shot is the RV barrelling down the dirt road, shot goes inside and there are two people in gas masks, one of which is unconscious and two other unconscious people sliding around the floor of the RV. Then Walt gets out and makes his 'not a confession' tape then stands in the middle of a road with gun drawn as the sounds of emergency vehicles approach.

I guess it fell into a rhythm after, but I don't think the show was ever slow. A lot happened in pretty much every episode. I think that was part of the genius of the show. They were able really develop the characters and still move the show at a good clip.

I guess some of the breakfast scenes were slow... haha.
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