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A longer runway benefits all aircraft at our altitude here in Calgary. It allows for airliners and other aircraft to use de-rated takeoffs in which they can use less engine power for takeoff to save on engine wear and tear (plus fuel). Plus as Maritime Q-Scout mentioned when we get the higher density altitudes in the summer it can make things easier by having that extra pavement for the takeoff.

Realistically YYC can handle the A380 on our current runway 16/34, the only impediment to operations would probably be on the taxiways and apron areas around the terminal due to the wingspan and size of the aircraft. Right now YYC handles 747-400 aircraft from Cargolux and Korean Cargo on a regular basis.

However there is no reason to ever expect to see a regularly scheduled A380 into YYC, we may get the odd one diverting here on the way to the west coast of the US, but that is about it.
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