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Originally Posted by Nyah View Post
I just finished scanning all of my family photos from my parents and grandparents. God, it was a lot of work. Sorting the photo albums, then removing the photos (some of which had been in the photo album for 60-70 years) and sorting them, removing duplicates, trying to put them in semi chronological order, etc. It's taken me almost a year, but I'm finally done.

Now they're all saved on a drive (with a few backups), I'll be making copies for my parents and siblings, and uncles/aunts. We don't have to worry about the photos fading more, or getting lost/damaged. All our baby and childhood photos are forever preserved now, as are my parents and grandparents baby, childhood and young adult photos. My Grandpa had a bunch of photos of himself when he was in the army. It's been so incredible to go through all of these photos and digitize them. I feel really accomplished!
A family member of ours had that done recently, if you decide to give out the USB as gifts I'd recommend saving them for an occasion and couple it with a digital picture frame.

We did that for our in-laws and they love it.
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