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The good news is that in Calgary you might have 1 day a year where you have more than 1 foot or slush and that day you shouldn’t drive anyway.

If you meant 1-2” then tires are more important than ground clearance.

SUVs and Trucks handle worse than cars.
If you say so. I lived on a snow route for five years, and while the actual snow route part is not so important, the point is that it got plowed a few times per year. When they plow, they push up a windrow near the curb (and around any vehicle still parked on non-snow route ban days) that can easily be more than a foot of snow and ice chunks.

I've seen lots of digging. Lots of rocking. Lots of swearing. I'm not going to claim that trucks or 4x4s are a necessity, but with the amount of winter we get, they're not exactly frivolous, either.
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