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A really good friend was a cop for five years but quit because he hated the culture. He hated the typical angry meat head he had to work with, the violence and disrespect towards the public, the "club" where you had to cover for each other. That was in the '90's.

I got mad at a guy in a parking lot a few days ago, didn't honk or flip him off or anything...just a scowly look at the moment he almost hit me. I got out of the car, minded my own beezwax and started walking to the building. The guy approached me, asked if I had a problem. So I gave him a full explanation of the accident he almost caused. Then he showed me his CPS sweater and told me he's going to summons me for causing a disturbance. When I pointed out there was no one around to be disturbed and that he spoke to me first he said it didn't matter because the courts always believed cops over people like me. Kind of makes me hate cops again.

I appreciate the good job they do. I appreciate how hard it is to deal with idiots all the time. But I also think they should appreciate the job they have. It's an honor to be in their position. It's human nature to want to save someone from the proverbial burning building. I would consider myself lucky to be in a position to do that. Some of them don't get it. Burning buildings are the every day interactions with vulnerability both good and bad.

There should be some form of job rotation so they can do something else for a while. Definitely body cams. And much harsher sentences when cops are convicted.
This post right here is pretty ####ed up.

Mostly concerning for guys like me that don't know when to keep their mouths shut in Public.

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Settle down there, Temple Grandin.
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