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Welcome to my world 2 years ago. I complained and complained to Kevin, the service manager and he basically said live with it nothing can be done. He replaced the sensors, added squeal paste, sanded my pads...nothing got ride of it. Only squeaks when going 0-5kph and it is from the back wheels. I think it is the hill assist failing to disengage but then again it happens on flat roads as well. The 335 was a POS. The injectors would go every few months throwing the car into limp mode while driving. Had to reboot the car each time to get it to go away. The service was terrible. It was more common than a Camry. So glad that POS is out of my life. My 2004 330ci was miles ahead of the 335....problem free for the 4 years I owned it.

Originally Posted by Ozy_Flame View Post
Hey everyone, I have a 2007 BMW 335xi, and lately it's been squeaking when I'm moving between 5-20 km/h. Rolling down my window, it appears to be coming from something on the driver side wheel area, and seems to increase when I'm making a right-hand turn.

It does NOT squeak when I apply the brakes.

Any ideas? It's intermittent, but now seems to be more prevalent with the warmer weather in the last couple of weeks.

Any help would be much appreciated!!
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