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Hello, I work as a nurse in an ICU in Edmonton and as I am sure everyone is now aware they are currently restricting all visitors. One thing that we are trying to do is utilize technology to be able to communicate with patient's family members. The hospital foundation is currently trying to arrange for the purchase of ipads or something to that effect. I am trying to see if there is anything else that someone may have laying around that would be able to run a program like facetime or webex. The only problem is that it would need to be something that would either be durable and also cleaned thoroughly for obvious reasons.

I don't know if there are any issues with this and if anyone wants me to contact them with a work email I would be more than able to do this. If anyone is able to donate an old tablet I don't have much to offer other than gratitude.

Thanks for your time.
I have an old iPad 1 or 2, like before they went to lightening connectors old. I would donate it, not sure if it would work for your purpose or not.
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