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Originally Posted by SuperMatt18 View Post
Yeah with the direction they took Far From Home I'm not sure they really have a great path to just disconnect from the MCU. Feels like the Tom Holland Spider-man and the MCU are integral to one another at this point.


Plus really it's all upside for Sony. They get to keep all the revenue from Standalone Spider-man films but get all the hype and benefit of the overall MCU.

It's also not all upside for Sony. As stated, they don't get to push their own universe with their own side characters. Amazing Spider-man 2 still made over $700 million on awful word of mouth, compared to the $880 Spiderman Homecoming.

The difference is there, but it doesn't outweigh 3-4 Spiderverse side movies making extra money, with the inclusion of the Spiderman character.

I think it's likely that Sony does come to some sort of new deal with Disney. However, it's far from a guarantee. Once again, I think Sony will wait and see if 1-2 more of their side movies are profitable. If so, they may go on their own.
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