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Been a long time since this was bumped, but there are some more developments on subscription services I thought I would share.

The DC Universe service that launched a couple of years ago is adding to its comic content in a very big way, adding thousands of comics (reportedly as many as 20,000) to the service. When DC Universe launched, the comics content was going to be a limited, curated selection of DC's biggest hits and best acclaimed series. Now it seems the publisher has gone to an approach more similar to the existing Marvel Unlimited service.

A couple of caveats: 1) The wait for new releases to be added to DC Universe will be 12 months (it's 6 months on MU), and 2) The DC Universe service is still a USA only service. Getting it available in more regions will be more complicated than it was for MU (a comics only service) since TV shows and movies are also on DC Universe. It might take Disney+ coming to Canada or anywhere else outside the USA before WB/DC gets moving on making DC Universe a more global service.
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