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Hence I said potentially. I guess I should have used the word arguably. I think Monahan is good at the position he is at. Personally, I would have put Couture and Kuznetsov below Monahan. At the same time, I would have put Couturier, Toews (maybe even Kopitar) ahead of him.
And my comments are based on the fact I dont think there is an argument to be had. Kuznetsov maybe couture not a chance.

Did you watch MacKinnon have a temper tantrum nightly facing him? The same MacKinnon who skated circles around the flames? Throw on top couture 97 points in his last 101 playoff games I'd take him over Monahan. Hes the new Bergeron. A player who is very under appreciated due to his lack of big point totals in regular season.
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