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Kylington has developed really nicely. He is actually fairly good defensively, as he has a really good gap control already and is very elusive against forecheckers thanks to his skating and his ability to make a really good pass. Yes, he has the occasional moment where he puts himself out of position at times, but this is more 'housekeeping' in his game than a big glaring hole, as he rarely puts himself in that situation. He just needs to work on his strength some more as it will help him out in the corners and in front of the net. He has high upside.

I am torn between Pelletier and Parsons next. Pettersen is right there for me as well.

Pelletier is so safe - unless he gets some injury or something goes off the rails for him, you can bet that he will be in the NHL at least on the third line. I think he has top-line winger potential, and perhaps even top 6 centre potential (I remember reading that he might be transitioning back to centre this upcoming season). Puts up a pile of points while being defensively sound, and has a non-stop motor that just won't quit on you. High character kid too.

Parsons has been somewhat forgotten due to his injury plagued season - bad overall season. However, even through that season he has had moments where his potential really shone. He won a Memorial Cup on a really good team. What about the following year when that team had a bunch of graduates? He took that team on his back and took that team kicking and screaming into a 2nd round game 7. He had to make 50+ saves some nights IIRC. He has elite potential. Not just starter potential, but elite starter potential. You never know with goalies, but this kid's potential is sky high.

Pettersen is just so damn slick and smart. He might have the highest offensive ceiling organizationally, and though he is small, he is really strong on his skates. This upcoming season might turn a lot more heads than last season (where he turned a lot of NHL exec's heads as they apparently tried to pry him away from the Flames).

Pelletier is the safest choice out of the bunch, and will probably vote that way tomorrow, but it is close for me. I am that high on Parsons, and Pettersen is just screaming for some well-deserved attention.
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