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Originally Posted by Baron von Kriterium View Post
Eight hundred Daesh on the loose leaves 14,000 still in custody. Hopefully, the SDF turns them over to the Syrians and that will be the last we hear of them.

The Kurds could have easily retained their allegiance to the Syrian state four years ago and fought with the SAA and we wouldn't be discussing the events of the past several days. Instead they sided with the USA who, let's not forget, have been illegally occupying Syria since Obama sent them there in 2014. So, fine, people want to believe the USA betrayed their ally, The Kurds, but the reality is the Kurds betrayed Syria and they betrayed themselves.
4 years ago Assad was a month or two away from utter defeat and we were discussing what an Isis run Syria/Iraq would look like (which I think we all agreed was not good for the Kurds) they grabbed the only liferaft they could at the time, a fairly well led US. Hard fault them for assuming Assad was defeated and that the US would never be led by a venal moron who only cares about his hotels in Istanboool as he pronounces it
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