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Originally Posted by CaptainCrunch View Post
What about a 4th option Baron, which is Kudish attacks on civilian targets in Turkey?

I was starting to see some reports of civilian casualties caused during the arty and air strikes.
I proposed such an action yesterday in one of my above comments. Up until some recent events today, I thought the time had passed for that, though. I would have attempted raids while the Turks were in their arty preparations. Actually, if you want to roll the dice, and you are convinced the Turks are going to attack you, seize the initiative and cross the border with some raids.

Like I said, some things have allegedly changed in at least the TA area.

The Kurds apparently counterattacked to the NE and have apparently recaptured the two towns on that axis. If that's true, perhaps the Kurds can use that as a stepping point into Turkey. It's hard to say, though because...

...We don't really know the strength and composition of any of the belligerents and there is a lot of noise on Twitter. All of the foes exaggerate what is happening in order to confuse their enemy.

Yes, there have been civilian deaths. A few I know of were Christians in the city of Qamishli, Syria. This is interesting because I wouldn't expect the Turks to attack this city. There is a significant Christian population there and the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) occupies the southern parts of the city by the airport. The SAA actually controls the airport. Now, the Christian eyewitness accounts state the Kurds fired their mortars from a Christian neighborhood. This resulted in the Turks firing back into the neighborhood.

Kurd soldiers and militiamen are also allegedly wearing civ clothing so that if they die, they can be used for propaganda purposes. "See! The Turks are targeting civilians!"
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