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Thanks for starting this thread. Many of the comments here echo how I am feeling and whoever called these protestors climate narcissists has hit the nail on the head.

The police here are really starting to crack down now with mass arrests and bail conditions usually reserved for biker gangs. The Queensland Labor government has even proposed increasing the penalties for these protestors. This is somewhat ironic because the last time protestors were being mass jailed here in the 80s it was a right wing government cracking down on labour union protests.

If anyone if looking for an example of how these protests do not work the recent Australian federal elections, specifically the Queensland results is a great example. During the election the state was flooded with anti-coal protestors who were trying to swing seats towards Labor and Green candidates. Instead this had the opposite effect with a big swing going to the right wing Liberal government who unapologetically supported the coal industry. The swing in Queensland ended up swinging the entire election and instead of ending up with a moderate government who had some reasonable plans to fight climate change we are now facing 3 years of doing nothing on climate change. Thanks protestors!
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